Brazilian Guitar Artistic Productions

Created in 1999 by musician Renato Piau, the Brazilian Guitar develops a work focused on independent music making, exploring, especially, the potential of the Internet as a disseminator of culture and musical resources.

In partnership with Claudio Vieira, Virtual Guitar and the Samba Reference Center Format of cultural projects, with tax incentive laws, linking together with the artist the viability of your project in the market, looking for new possibilities of art appreciation. We believe that culture is essential for the growth of a country and its people, with these goals develop projects that meet their expectations. 

We provide all the necessary support to companies and organizations realize their events through quality service, in the coordination, organization and implementation at an affordable cost, targeting the investment of the funds received in social and cultural nature projects.

We offer consultancy and advice in the area of ??artistic and copyrights, through trained professionals, with more than 20 years, providing recording advisory services to artists, including creating and generating the ISRCs of Muscas, taking care of all documentation and shipping the information to ECAD and copyright associations. We have a vast knowledge and develop cultural projects for artists and producers, using the benefits of Rouanet Law.

We provide advisory and consulting in the music area
Monitoring and participation in the production, CD burning
Insertion of new artists in the music industry
You may be leaving to receive their rights in the areas of artistic and rights!
Make an appointment without commitment, we develop projects that enable the recording of their new CDs and DVDs..


We organize, plan, manage and control resources, professionals and services required for the artistic production of a band / artist or event / music show:

- Analysis of Technical Projects;
- Advisory and Consultancy for Cultural Projects;
- Preparation and Formatting Cultural Projects;
- Analysis and environment projects in the Federal laws (Rouanet Law), State and Municipal;
- Advising on Accountability in Cultural Projects
- Project production;
- Cultural Production Courses.
- Consulting musical style;
- Preparation and Monitoring of Projects
- Obtaining license to rewrite other composers
- Recording of music;
- Choice of repertoire;
- Arrangement;
- Production;
- Recording;
- Edition;
- Mixing;
- Mastering;
- Physical and digital distribution.

Developed by the artist all the necessary documents to work in a structured way in time to trade shows, thus raising the level of musical performance. We created the Technical Rider (sound and light) of the artist, stage map, Input List, Room List and Set Design;

Monitoring of all phases of the event (from pre to post production), whether small, medium, large or mega-events. Monitoring is done since the establishment of the initial project, negotiation of artists, advertising, choice of suppliers of services (Sound Light Stage, generators, etc.), design of space and services to be contracted, assembly, technical reports and conducting event. Reports of monitoring, accountability and professional contractors payments.

Materials Technical Analysis

Technical report materials sent as Music, Videos, Video Clips, demo CDs, Press Kit, Designer, Websites, advertising, printed material, etc. The technical report will indicate the positives, negatives and what possible improvements are necessary. Along with the analysis will be appointed senior professionals to perform services to be made after analysis (Studio, designers, TV producers and film, journalists, teachers, etc.)

Planning and Career Management

Advice at every stage of his career, from the beginning to the moment it is already walking with its own structure. It offered a career path, starting from the stage where the artist is. The career path develops realistic goals and to the extent that they are won, new steps are developed.

The Career Plan has targets and instructions that are achieved, as well as professional advice whenever the artist need help to perform some of the goals. Among the topics covered are the music, image, management, marketing, ways of how to become attractive to record companies, booking agents and most importantly of all topics, fans. The instructions are so that errors are avoided causing delays or even the end of his career and unnecessary expenses.

- Detailed career plan development:
- Advice and discussion of goals;
- Professional Opinion for decisions;
- Advice for capital investment and time.



Miguel Ziú Júnior

Is the most beautiful song of mine mountains, his voice echoes as free thrush will fly, let's fly together also the sound of Michael and Her Crew.

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This trio has vibrant energy in every note . Involve the public with the aura of joy , leaving the ear , each one sure to want more !!!

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Tel: (21) 2292-9496  -  (21) 2502-2663   (21) 98196-3976

Renato Piau in the People's Mouth in Lisbon



+ 55 (21) 2502-2663 / (21) 99159-3901 / (21) 98196-3976 - Renato Piau 

+ 55 (21) 2292-9496 - Claudio Vieira

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